edb Failed to load missing core debugger plugins

Hit an issue with starting the Linux debugger: edb when trying a buffer overflow exercise in Kali a little time after I updated it. Been a little while since I did an exercise of this nature so am not sure how long this has remained broken.

EDB will not run and just displays a blank screen with the message displayed below.


I did manage to fix this after doing a search of the file system to locate the relevant plugins/libs necessary (locate edb |grep  libDebuggerCore.so )

Solution: Options > Preferences > > Plugin Directories

This value in my case should of read /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/edb or what ever the above command found, not every system is the same.

Update and close, then restart edb.

There was a bug reference about this dated Feb 2017. Github Bug edb New packages were updated but the user pref in your home directory (.config/codef00.com/edb.conf) may still have the old ref in it and not work despite having the correct package version. The fix above updates this file.

Hope this helps someone.

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