Everyone has to starts somewhere… My journey in Security and Penetration Testing started as a sysadmin with a more than healthy interested in security and mischief.

I’ve been a Sysadmin for more than 13 years supporting everything from Microsoft technologies such as Windows servers, Active Directory, Exchange etc.. most flavours of Linux, web servers, DB’s, DNS servers. Cisco wise I got my CCNA in Routing and Switching, messed with ASA firewalls (broke lots of things and fixed them of course!).

Naturally, I drifted into the realm of security by picking up my first security-related Certification.  CompTIA’s Security+ which I rather enjoyed, it gives a good foundation.

Eventually, my focus shifted towards Penetration testing which stemmed from the exposure to various testing companies that visited my workplace. I decided to try for qualification which would test myself with real-world exams. Enter the excellent OSCP. It was heavy going but I passed in 2017. Best exam I ever sat. I shall be looking towards more certifications to build my knowledge and add to my experiences.

Now I  attend as many conferences as I can to network with other security professional, which in itself is a new skill I am trying to learn.

This site will be used to share my experiences in security and becoming a Pentester. There will be walk-throughs, hints, tips and anything else I stumble over along the way that I think someone may find useful.

Keep learning

Hope you have fun.




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